App Development

  • Up to 8 hours of recording
  • Video outline
  • Total lifetime access
  • Access on mobile devices and TVs
  • Licensed Music

Website Design Services

Our Process ⚙ 👇

💡 Phase 0 : Let Me Explain You!
👻 Let's say you have a business, brand or you are an influencer.
👻 You want to create a website
👻 You have an idea or even If you don't have a website idea we will help you to find an idea that fits for you.
👻 Let's say you have an idea. So we can jump to the second step is Phase 1: Planning. Check that out. 👇
📑 Phase 1 : Brief & Planning
👻 You are at Phase 1: Which means we will give some shape to your ideas.
👻 First thing first contact with us : Whatsapp, Instagram Message, E-mail, Contact Form (in contact page), Text, Call..
👻 You can say “ I have an idea and need your help “
👻 After you contact with us we will learn your idea and develop that.
👻 We will create creative brief, outline, schedule..
👻 Everything looks awesome let’s jump to Phase Two 👇
📸 Phase 2 : Design & Development
👻 You are at Phase 2: Which means WireFrame Layouts, Prototype Design, Design Signoff, Coding, Layout Main Sections, Client Feedbacks
👻 Before coding we will send you schedule, idea list all of the information that you need.
👻 Our developer team will start working.
👻 Everything looks awesome let’s jump to Phase Three👇
💻 Phase 3 : Launch
👻 You are at Phase 3: Which means Design Quality check, Testing, Approval..
👻 Everything looks awesome!! You can check FAQ or Contact with us for your other questions.