Social Media Video Creation

  • Up to 8 hours of recording
  • Video outline
  • Total lifetime access
  • Access on mobile devices and TVs
  • Licensed Music

Social Media Video Content List

Our Process ⚙ 👇

💡 Phase 0 : Let Me Explain You!
👻 Let's say you have a business, brand or you are an influencer.
👻 You want to get more followers, views, customers and sales on social media ( Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube )
👻 You have an idea or even If you don't have content idea we will help you to find an idea that fits for you.
👻 Let's say you have an idea. So we can jump to the second step is Phase 1: Pre Production. Check that out. 👇
📑 Phase 1 : Pre-Production
👻 You are at Phase 1: Which means we will give some shape to your ideas.
👻 First thing first contact with us : Whatsapp, Instagram Message, E-mail, Contact Form (in contact page), Text, Call..
👻 You can say “ I have an idea and need your help “
👻 After you contact with us we will learn your idea and develop that.
👻 We will create creative brief, outline, content list, schedule..
👻 Everything looks awesome let’s jump to Phase Two 👇
📸 Phase 2 : Production
👻 You are at Phase 2: Which means production, cameras, lighting, filming, audio recording! Fun!!!
👻 Before filming we will send you schedule, shot list, location, content ideas and all of the information that you need.
👻 Our video production team will meet with you at the location.
👻 Production team will setup camera, lighting, audio recording equipments and start filming.
👻 We sometimes use a high end camera and sometimes just an Iphone 😊 so don’t surprise!
👻 We will create outline for the content and our videographer will direct you..
👻 Social media video recording is very easy. You don’t need to act for the video. Just be yourself.
👻 We create user generated content which means It will be professional but looks like created by you. So more natural videos.
👻 Everything looks awesome let’s jump to Phase Three👇
💻 Phase 3 : Post-Production
👻 You are at Phase 3: Which means post production, video editing, animations, music, motion graphics, delivery the videos..
👻 You don’t need to do anything at this phase.
👻 Our video editing team will edit all of your video content based on your content idea.
👻 There is almost no limit to be creative.
👻 Our video editing team is following new trends and know how to create effective content..
👻 OMG! You videos are ready to upload.
👻 We will send you the videos through Dropbox or Google Drive.
👻  You can easily download the videos and upload them..
👻 Everything looks awesome!! You can check FAQ or Contact with us for your other questions.

What will you get? 🎈

🧡 How many videos will I get?
👻 You will get 5 high quality Tiktok & Instagram ratio videos for $1200
💛 Will I get more followers?
👻 Yes!! We create trending content. So those videos will bring you new people.
💚 Why should you work with us?
👻 Because we know the social media metrics. We don't create traditional, boring, unwatchable social media videos. Our goal is creating fun, entertaining, watchable videos.
💙 Should you be on social media?
👻 Answer is simple. Yes!! Yes!! Yess!! If you want to get more followers, sales and reach a whole new market with potential customers you should. 💅🏻